GoldButton's story seen by the media

Once upon a time, there was a jewelry designer with a passion for vintage luxury fashion. She liked to snoop around second-hand shops and vintage stores in search of unique and timeless pieces. One day, while leafing through old fashion magazines, she had a brilliant idea: why not reuse these vintage fashion accessories to create brand new jewelry?

With this idea in mind, she set out to find vintage luxury ready-to-wear pieces, such as gold cufflinks, diamond brooches and rare pearls. She then used them to create unique and elegant jewellery, such as bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

The luxury upcycled jewelry she created quickly caught the eye of the fashion community because it was both stylish and eco-friendly. People were impressed that she was able to breathe new life into vintage fashion pieces and turn them into brand new jewelry.

Today, the jewelry designer continues to scour second-hand boutiques and vintage stores for unique pieces to create even more elegant and eco-friendly luxury upcycled jewelry. And every time she creates a new jewel, she remembers this brilliant idea that changed everything.

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