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The GoldButton team ensures trust with its customers


By buying from GoldButton, you are contributing to an ecological movement by repurposing vintage luxury accessories to transform them into unique jewellery.

The jewels are designed with authentic ready-to-wear accessories from major luxury houses. Button authentication is a primary consideration with us. To buy GoldButtonParis is to be sure to receive a product that has already lived in the form of a designer garment.

We certify the authenticity of each piece and we are committed to respecting the environment by favoring transformation rather than production or waste. At GoldButton, you can afford luxury at an affordable price while taking care of the planet.

The favorite is not present?

Have you changed your mind?
We do our best to ensure that the photos of the pieces are faithful to our collection. However, if you are not 100% satisfied with the jewel or simply not to your liking, we will refund your purchase. Likewise, if your purchase is a gift, the recipient can of course contact us to consider an exchange.


The size of the chain and the button are indicated in the description of each GoldButton jewel.


We guarantee a repair for 6 months on the jewel. The repair is applied in case of breakage and in case of wear. Send us your package (shipping costs at your expense) and we will send it back to you with pleasure.


For other questions related to our products, email us at goldbuttonparis@gmail.com