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About Us

Who am I ?

My name is Alice and GoldButtonParis is my “upcycled” jewelry brand.

I have always been passionate about fashion and I created GoldButton with a dream: to make the fashion of the great French luxury houses accessible by transforming the accessories that I hunt for on a daily basis.
On this site, you will discover several collections that are inspiring, ethical and suitable for all budgets. Nice visit on GoldButton!

Upcycling with GoldButton

In 2021, it is impossible to create a brand without thinking about its ecological impact. At GoldButton, respecting the planet is close to our hearts. We think it's better to transform than to produce or throw away.

The idea? Repurpose accessories from vintage luxury ready-to-wear pieces and turn them into brand new jewelry!

We certify each piece we source: the buttons are authentic. Haven't you always dreamed of treating yourself to a piece of luxury jewelry? Today GoldButton offers you this opportunity!

Give your style a touch of elegant luxury with our upcycled jewelry. Crafted from premium materials and re-engineered by hand, each piece is unique and steeped in history. The timeless refinement of these upcycled jewels reflects your taste for exclusivity and originality. Send an ecological message by sporting a luxury upcycled jewellery.

We can't wait to see your outfits accessorized with our luxury jewelry with the hashtag #goldbuttonparis

Discover the brand's universe on @Goldbuttonparis