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Bandoulière Louis Vuitton - Iconic Gold

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Goldbutton transforme spécialement pour vous une ceinture de la collection Louis Vuitton 2017 en 1 bandouliere pour sublimer vos Tenues.


Détail produit :

Signature louis Vuitton 

Création originale, imaginée et chinée à l'atelier GoldButton à partir de produits authentiques  

Porté seul ou associé à d'autres pièces de la collection, cet article constitue une pièce d'exception. En achetant un bijou GoldButton, vous obtenez un objet unique et original. 

Produits upcyclés sans aucune affiliation.



Delivered in a fabric pouch made in Europe.

Original creation, imagined and found at the GoldButton workshop from authentic products.

Worn alone or combined with other pieces from the collection , this jewel is an exceptional piece. By purchasing a GoldButton jewel, you obtain a unique and original object.

Upcycled products without any affiliation.


The idea? Repurpose accessories from vintage luxury ready-to-wear pieces and turn them into brand new jewelry!

This jewel was created from a haute couture button .

Manufacturing is 100% by hand in our French workshops .

Certified GoldButton Paris

Original creation, imagined and found at the GoldButton workshop from authentic products.

We certify each piece that we hunt: the buttons are authentic .

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French know-how

By buying this upcycled jewel, you contribute to sustainability by contributing to the reuse of materials that would otherwise be thrown away and you contribute to the reduction of pollution linked to the fashion industry. You wear a piece of history on you, an original jewel to which you give a second life thanks to upcycling.